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About Dark Metal

What Dark Metal is about

I created Dark Metal Fabrication with the original intention to do local fabrication work in addition to my full time job.  Several months after I created Dark Metal, a group of armed men broke into a local couples home and brutally murdered them in front of their children.  It was a gut wrenching story that was too close to home.  At that point,  I had been working in, and around, Government security for 14 years, so I made the decision to focus Dark Metals efforts on physical security measurements.

Dark Metal is about protecting families.  All families.   While we are currently making basic locksmith entry tools and training aids, in the coming time Dark Metal will expand into physical security measurements.

Veteran owned, Family operated

Dark Metal is a family run business, and from manufacturing to shipping takes a group effort.  It also means an immense amount of pride goes into every aspect of creating and delivering each product.

As Dark Metals customer base grows, Dark Metal will also grow and begin to offer more products.  So check the page from time to time and see what’s new.